Our Breads and rolls are designed to offer perfect Gluten Free offering which will be loved by all whether you have a Gluten intolerance, IBS, or you simply love breads. Our Breads and Rolls are so good you will find it difficult to know they are Gluten free unless you look at the ingredients, they can be refeshed from frozen in a microwave or simply defrost ideal for taking one roll or a packet of rolls from the freezer and using within 30 seconds.

Gluten Free Nordic Toast
This our perfect solution to help the ceoliac, two individually packed slices of bread, made with wholemael, sunflower seeds and linseed, they can be stored frozen until they are required, simply refresh in the microwave for 30 seconds before serving, ideal as a breakfast accompanyment, with soup or simply served alongside a salad. The bread could just as easily left to defrosted and then served with a homemade jams.

Gluten Free Nordic Baguettes
Our Baguettes, look and taste just like a baguette, a thin crunchy crust, with a light and fluffy center, ideal for that taste sandwich.   

Gluten Free Nordic Rustic Rolls
Our Rustic rolls are as you would expect full of a reassuring nutty taste, crusty on the outside soft in the middle, ideal as a warm roll in the winter, a classic roll for summer picnic whilst ideal for that perfect sandwiches.

Gluten Free Nordic Cinnamon Whirls
Gluten Free classic cinnamon whirls with delicious filling.

Gluten Free Nordic Burger Buns
Our delicious Burger Buns are just a treat, thin crunchy crust, covered with linseed, light and fluffy middle and the perfect size for your favorite burger.

Gluten Free Nordic Crusty Rolls
Our crusty rolls, are just as you would imagine, a thin crunchy crust, topped with poppy seeds, a light and fluffy center, perfect as a breakfast rolls, brunch or to fill for a sandwich.   

Gluten Free Nordic Sunflower Rolls
If you like seeds you will love our Sunflower rolls, reassuringly made with lots of seeds, making them full of flavor yet moist and soft to eat, perfect with salads, delicious with soup. 

Gluten Free Nordic Seeded Rolls
These wholemeal rolls are soft and tasty, complemented with sunflower and pumpkin seeds to create that slight nutty taste, great with any meal, delicious as an open sandwich.   

Gluten Free Nordic Oat Bread
Our Oat bread is a delicious combination of red lentils, pumpkin seeds and oats to create that ultimate seeded loaf, just add a little butter to create that perfect snack or accompaniment to any meal. Try warming it through in the oven or toast to get that extra rustic nutty taste.